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1. LOCALLY OWNED & PUBLISHED by a busy pet owner with years of sales & marketing
2. QUALITY COUNTS -  Your ad is always in FULL COLOR and printed on magazine quality,
glossy paper--not newsprint!
Compare our ads to our competitors and you'll be pleasantly surprised.
3. CONVENIENCE - Our digest size will easily fit in a woman's purse.  It's easy to use and easy
to keep!
4. ONLINE & IN PRINT - Your ad is listed on our website at no additional cost.  We encourage
reciprocal links from your site as well.
5. ADVERTISING DRIVEN, not article driven -  Unnecessary content can cost you! Why spend
your advertising dollars to help pay for articles? With the Pets’ Directory your ad is not
hidden by lengthy editorials that compete for the reader's attention.
6. LONG, USEFUL LIFE - Easy-to-read & indexed so consumers can find & refer to your
information frequently.
7. MORE BUSINESS FOR YOU - You will receive "spin off" business from other participants and
clicks to your website.

8. Burton Buck$:  Engage your customers by accepting Burton Bucks.  As a new
advertiser, we'll give you Burton Bucks to jump start your marketing efforts.  You may give
away your Burton Bucks any way you desire.  Burton Bucks redeemed at your business,
may be applied toward your advertising cost for a future month.  A great way to make your
customer's happy, grow your business, and save money too!

Remember. . .Color Sells

People are 55% more likely to pick up a full-color piece of advertising first.
Color can
improve brand recognition by up to 80%
increases reader attention span by up to 82%
Decision-making improves by 70%
Reader retention increases by 78%
Comprehension and recognition improve by 27% over bold text and 35% over
contrasting fonts.

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