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Tillamook Cheddar

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

lo-the-negaverse.jpglo-particle-accelerator.jpgTillamook Cheddar is a 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier and the world’s preeminent canine artist. Tillie’s works have shown in Europe as well as the U.S. and she has had 17 solo exhibitions.

Tillie uses a dynamic color transfer technique. In preparation for each of Tillie’s works, her assistants assemble a touch-sensitive recording device by affixing pigment-coated vellum to a sheet of lithograph paper backed by mat board. The artist takes the prepared “canvas” in her mouth and brings it to her workspace. Working on the outside surface, she applies pressure with teeth and claws in a methodic ritual marked by dramatic shifts in tempo and intensity. The resultant sharp and sweeping intersecting lines complement the artist’s delicate paw prints and subtle tongue impressions, composing an expressionistic image that is revealed on the paper beneath when she is finished. She works with shocking intensity, sometimes to the point of destroying her creations.

Tillie created the two pieces she has donated to “The Dog Art Challenge”–“The Negaverse” and “Particle Accelerator”—in her Brooklyn studio in early January 2009. Both works are part of a series of 20 pieces Tillie will donate to charity in 2008-2009. Each artwork began as part of a single watercolor block–20 sheets of watercolor paper laminated together. These two works were done in succession. While Tillie was working on “The Negaverse” the page that would later become “Particle Accelerator” was resting beneath it. Consequently, the two works share some common elements of shape (note the consistent bite marks around the perimeter) and color (note the lower left corner). Tillie completed each of the works in a series of 3 sessions, applying one color at a time. The paper works have been mounted on stretched linen.

Both works will be auctioned during the Dog Art Challenge Gala Auction–6PM March 20, 2009 at the Arlington Racecourse (just after the Chicagoland Family Pet Expo closes for the day). If you want to read up on Tillie, you can purchase her first official biography, Portrait of the Dog as a Young Artist, by F. Bowman Hastie III, (published by Sasquatch Books) on her website.

Tillie picked a local NY charity, Infinite Hope, to receive the proceeds from the sale of her works.

Mac’s “Break Piece”

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Mac’s ArtworkMac is a four month old lab mix that loves going to Ruffner’s Doggie Daycare to play with his girlfriends. He took a break from playing long enough to create his masterpiece for The Dog Art Challenge for Charity. The piece is titled “Mac’s – A piece” and Mac used his paws and tail to apply paint. The proceeds from Mac’s piece will benefit Anderson Animal Shelter. Mac is a new artist and this is his FIRST original. So, if you think it would look great in your home or office, come to the Auction at 6PM on Friday, March 20, at Arlington Racetrack after the Chicagoland Family Pet Expo and own the first “Mac original.”

Linus, the African Grey Artist

Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

linus-first-try.jpgfinishing-touches-blog.jpglinus-creating-blog.jpgLinus Starts Paintinglinus-picks-color-palatte-blog.jpgOur first entry for The Dog Art Challenge for Charity from a bird–YEAH. Linus is a 19 year old African Grey Parrot and the official “greeter” at Ruffner’s Luxury Pet Boarding in St. Charles. Linus used his cute little feet to create his work titled, “Come Here.” Linus is one outspoken bird. . .not only did he name his painting but he also told his owners which charity he wanted to benefit from his work–DeKalb County Animal Shelter! Linus is also a perfectionist. After finishing his original piece, he decided it wasn’t “parrot worthy” and he created another.

“Come Here” and the other Dog Art Challenge Masterpieces will be sold to the highest bidder at Arlington Race Track on March 20 at 6PM immediately following the Chicagoland Family Pet Expo. All proceeds go directly to to the charities chosen by the artists. Tickets will be available shortly.

Happy New Year

Friday, January 2nd, 2009