Presidents & Their Pets Contest
A 10 year old submitted the correct answers and won the
"Basket of Burt."
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Best Adoptee of '08
Thanks to all who purchased artwork at
the 2009 Dog Art Challenge for Charity.

The Challenge is a combination of artistic
creativity and philanthropy celebrating
pets.  The Auction featured over 30
works by pet artists--some famous, some

Get your paintbrushes ready for 2010.  
All proceeds benefit the pet charity
chosen by the artist.  Artwork "by pets
benefitting pets."
Contest delayed due to
judging issues but
voting will start shortly
on our new NING
The Dog Art Challenge for Charity
Do you know someone who adopted a new pet in '08?  If
so, tell them to enter the Best Adoptee of '08 Contest.  
The winner will receive a "diva" photo shoot and will be
featured on the cover of The Chicago Pets Directory.  
Send an email with a jpg photo of your pet attached and
tell us in 40 words or less why your adoptee is the best
of '08.  
Email to:
Chicagoland Family Pet Expo Word Puzzle
How many words can you make from the phrase
"Dog Art Challenge for Charity?"
Visit Burt in our booth at the Pet Expo with your answers.  The person with the
most words will receive a gift from Burt!
(Rules:  No proper names.  Words must be three letters or more.  Only the letters
in the phrase may be used; letters cannot be duplicated--i.e. only one "i" or two
"e's" may be used in a word.)
"Spread Animal Kindness" Contest (FROM '08)
The Winner Is Midwest Greyhound Adoption!  Read about the group in their winning story