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Marketing 101 Crash Course aka "Terrier Training"
Want to generate greater profits by utilizing a few easy marketing
secrets?  Learn how by attending a Marketing 101 Crash Course,
aka "Terrier Training."  Why do we call it Terrier Training?  Well, for
Burt liked the name.  But more than that, every one knows
that most terriers are intelligent, active, pig-headed, and
determined!   We all need a little pig-headed determination to stay
focused on business goals--especially when going through start-up
woes or down economies.

The course is a full day jam-packed with great information to help
promote and grow your business.  Subjects include website
development, blogging & SEO, email marketing, in-store promotions,
using the press, brochure design, and, our favorite. . .. elephant
hunting (we're not telling, you have to come & find out!).  

We promise everyone will walk away with at least 5 ideas for your
specific business that will put "your best paw forward" and make you

Best of all, the cost is included with your 1/4 page or higher ad!  If
you don't have a 1/4 page ad or you are not yet an advertiser, you
will pay a small fee that will count toward placing or increasing your
ad when you're ready.

Next Terrier Training Class:
June 9, 2009
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Email & Internet

You have great products & services but how can you let everyone know?  
Think a web page or email blast may be the answer but don't have the
time, money or technical "know-how" to make it happen?  Reserve at least
a 1/4 page ad, we'll create a webpage on our site to get your started (of
course, we always link to your site if you have one). While we don't create
websites, we can direct you to professionals who do and show you how to
make the site work for you.

You know you need to keep in touch with customers and prospects, but
how?   If you are collecting email addresses now, you are well on your
way.  As a Constant Contact Business Partner, we can show you how to
use newsletters to effectively keep in touch.  If you like, we can even
maintain your database and create and send your newsletters for you.  

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NEW Marketing Teleclasses.  
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