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Finalist #2:  Midwest Greyhoud Rescue
Have Pooper Scooper, Will Travel

MGA is an all volunteer organization devoted to finding homes for retired racing Greyhounds.  Our efforts
include a variety of activities from raising money to fostering, not to mention the heroic kennel pooper
scooper brigade.

The same volunteer who tiled our office floor once entered the kennel of a badly frightened new arrival,
sat on the floor and comforted him. MGA dog whisperer!

The character building weather this past winter didn’t stop Wednesday sewing nights.  We make and sell
items such as collars, leashes, beds and blankets to raise money for MGA.

MGA volunteers travel to events as vendors.  From a North-Easter at Dewey Beach, to the Cicadas and
itch mites, they have faced it all.

A foster mom took a senior Greyhound home that was returned and refusing to eat.  She hand fed him
showing him that Life was worth living then helped in finding his forever home.

80% of our Greyhounds have broken legs.  Gentle hands help change their bandages during healing.  
The pay for this job is big, sloppy kisses.

We provide a strong support network to current and new families, offering help from sound advice to
rushing out day or night to search for a missing dog.  Frequently, an MGA Meet & Greet volunteer has
offered hugs and compassion to a visitor whose pet (not necessarily a Greyhound) has crossed over the
Rainbow Bridge.
MGA volunteers are a special breed.  Greyhounds are even more special.
Memorial Garden at Kennel