Hi, my name is Twinkle.  I am a 14 month old lab mix that is looking for a home.  I
don't do well in a shelter environment.  I get very stressed out.  The folks are
WSHS have placed me in a temporary care home and are desperately trying to
find me a home so that I don't end up back in a cage.  I love living in a family. We
have other dogs here along with cats, ferrets & of course people! I play all day with
my doggie friends. We spend time in the fenced in yard a lot too: running, jumping
and just hanging out. All this activity helps me be a calmer boy when it's time to
settle down. They cats here are pretty fun. They don't mind that I chase them, and
they understand I am not trying to hurt them. I just want to play! I even play with
the ferrets, but they stay in their cage. My foster mom says that I am crate trained
and housebroken and I only chew on my toys. I know better than to chew on my
family's belongings. I used to chew on people's hands, but now I have learned to
just give kisses instead. In fact, I am quite the snuggler. I love curling up beside
you on the couch if you let me, or in your bed with you. I'm also fine with sleeping
in my crate if you prefer. My foster mom says that although I am just a happy
camper at home, I am a little shy when I go out in public. She is taking me out on
little trips to help me build my confidence. We go to the store and around the
neighborhood. She is introducing me to lots of new experiences so I can be as
happy in public as I am at home. I really want a home of my very own, and it would
be nice if I could share it with another dog. Because of my energy level, the shelter
recommends I live with kids at least 12 years old. All I need is a family who will treat
me with love and patience and I will be their loyal, faithful friend forever.
To make an appointment to see me, please contact the shelter at 630-960-9600,
ext. 10 or email